Frequently Asked Questions

What is IEEE EMBS?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is a global society for students through to academics, researchers, and industry workers interested in biomedical engineering. On the student side of things, IEEE EMBS has student chapters and clubs all around the world, and a central student activities committee (SAC). SAC provides a variety of opportunities to all students including mentoring programs, international student conferences and leadership development.

You can find out more about SAC here and how to create a student club/chapter here.

What clubs and opportunities are available to university students interested in biomedical engineering?

There are a wide variety of biomedical engineering opportunities:

A full list of biomedical engineering-related clubs and projects can be found here.

What career opporunities are available in biomedical engineering?

There are a wide variety of pathways to take from biomedical engineering such as:

A full list of biomedical engineering companies and start-ups can be found here and research institutes here.

What overseas opportunities are there?

Travel during university is a great way to experience a new culture while learning, researching or promoting biomedical engineering.

Some opportunities are:

A full list of overseas opportunities can be found here.

What subjects should I take at Monash University?

This section is still to be created. In future will showcase a list of relevant electives in biomedical engineering, subject reviews of core biomedical engineering subjects and reviews on particular combinations of double degrees.

If you would like to recommend a subject and/or submit a subject review, please do so here.