Biomedicine vs Science

The core major subjects between Bachelor of Biomedicine and Bachelor of Science are the same. The key difference between the two courses comes about from the additional core subjects in Bachelor of Biomedicine, which is explained below.

First Year

  • The two biology subjects as part of the Bachelor of Biomedicine are compulsory. There are equivalent subjects in Bachelor of Science, however, the Bachelor of Biomedicine focuses only on health and human sciences aspects.

Second Year

  • Bachelor of Biomedicine has two compulsory double subjects, namely, Molecular and Cellular Biology and Human Structure and Function. The benefit of taking two subjects worth a total of 4 subjects, is it covers the equivalent of 8 Bachelor of Science subjects in the domains of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology & immunology, pathology, and genetics. This is achieved through removing the overlap between subjects, content covered in first-year core subjects, and only focussing on health and human sciences aspects.

Third Year

  • The final two core subjects within the Bachelor of Biomedicine showcase the frontiers in health sciences and the current medical approaches to 6 diseases. These two subjects are unique to the Bachelor of Biomedicine course.

Hence, the key benefit of taking the Bachelor of Biomedicine degree is learning about everything health and human science-related, which can only be partially achieved in Bachelor of Science. However, the downside of Bachelor of Biomedicine is there are no/few elective subject options (besides the 6 breadth subjects slots). Therefore if you want to explore other STEM-based subjects/majors such as engineering, computer science, and mathematics, the Bachelor of Science provides the freedom to explore these different fields.


Bachelor of Biomedicine


  • Health and Human Sciences Focused

  • A large set of majors available in 3rd year in the health and human sciences

  • Smaller Cohort


  • Few/no elective spaces

Bachelor of Science


  • Can explore a large variety of majors and subjects


  • Large cohort

Final Remark: It is possible to go from Bachelor of Biomedicine to Bachelor of Science and vice versa during and after the first year. However, going from Bachelor of Biomedicine to Bachelor to Science is easier than going from Bachelor of Science to Bachelor of Biomedicine, due to the demand.